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Dear Amazon, I’m confused, regards Confused from Exeter

As you can tell from the title, I’m very confused with Amazon. I have set the price of my books to be 2.99 in whatever currency. Currently $4.52. Which is roughly £3.00. So not working then.

I then set up a ‘Timed Sale’ thing for today. Black Friday. 0.99 in whatever currency. Nope. Still 2.99 on .co.uk, and 4.52 on .com. Can’t bear to see what it’s set at on the other currencies.

Not only is my normal pricing not working, the sale which is – according to Amazon – currently running, is actually the wrong full price as well.

Fuck. Me. I shall try to do another sale, ‘Satiated Sunday’ perhaps, where hopefully everyone will be able to get it for the price I actually want to sell it at. Or not.

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