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Kidney gate – today’s the day

Finally, at last, the day has come for the kidney stone that has been the bane of my life since October 17th, 2014 to be removed. Well, blasted into tiny bits by a laser up my willy, I think that I’ll still have to do the actual removing. Which is going to be exactly like passing shattered bits of crystal down a very sensitive tube that wasn’t really made for such things. No doubt you’ll be able to hear me passing them from as far away as London.

I’m all packed as it’s apparently going to be an overnight stay. Because of the way that the consultant works, I’ve opted to have my operation at In Barnstaple, at the North Devon Hospital. I have to admit that this has me a bit on edge as it’s a “foreign” hospital I.e. One that I’ve never been to for treatment before. This shouldn’t really worry me, as one hospital is as good as another for things like this but it does.

The other reason that I’m a tad worried is that I’m rather resistant to being knocked out. The last general I had, I woke up. Yup. I really don’t want to wake up with a laser being inserted up my penis. So I will be saying very forcefully “Give me the good stuff. Give me lots of the good stuff. Because a stoned martial artist with over 22 years of training is not a good thing to have on the rampage.” Or words to that effect.

So, if you’re a theist, prayers very gladly accepted, an atheist good thoughts and best wishes, and agnostics, well whatever you can think of, would all be very much appreciated.

I very much look forward to being able to tell you the good news that it was successful. Otherwise, I’ll be doing all of this again. Needless to say, I’ll be completely out of it on Friday, so update will most likely be on Saturday.

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